DI16/1050GE2 - Masina cu percutie 1200W / otel 22mm

Producator: Felisatti
Cod produs: DI16/1050GE2
Disponibilitate: La comanda
fara TVA: 326,32lei
  • High-power impact drills with metal gearbox housing suitable for all possible tasks related to construction of timber buildings and metal structure assembly work
  • Ergonomic handles with rubberized cover for comfortable grip
  • Two main operating modes: rotation and rotation with hammering (drilling) for working with concrete and bricks
  • 2-speed metal gearbox
  • Left-right rotation trough rotating brush holder providing same speed levels on both sides.
  • In contrast to the rotary hammers the impact drills are especially suitable for working with hard but fragile materials such as bricks, ceramics, tile, etc. where excessive energy of single impact damages the material around the hole.
Date tehnice
Tensiune 230 V ~50Hz
Putere 1200 W
Capacitate de gaurire [metal] 22 mm
Capacitate de gaurire [lemn] 50 mm
Turatie 0-1200 rpm
Capacitate mandrina 16 mm
Capacitate de gaurire [beton] 35 mm
Greutate 3,00 Kg

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